THE RULES -  Play nice. Keep things simple, safe and fun.


Winter Worlds Race Rules all grades 2018

  • ALL SECTIONS OF THE COURSE, including side roads ,access ways, and driveways are OPEN TO NORMAL TRAFFIC. . Please be aware of this  and REMAIN SAFE AND COURTEOUS at all times, ride accordingly, keep yourselves safe and OBEY THE ROAD CODE at all times during the event. 

  • Riders MUST KEEP AS FAR LEFT A POSSIBLE  throughout the event, WHENEVER POSSIBLE RIDING NO MORE THAN TWO ABREAST. Use road shoulders where available, to allow for the safe flow of traffic.
  • Absolutely NO CROSSING OF THE CENTRE LINE. Riders seen doing this will be disqualified for the race & next two rounds.

  • Please remember that there are OTHER LEGITIMATE ROAD USERS on the course, some of whom may be frustrated by your presence on the roads.
  • In the interests of keeping everyone safe we will be monitoring riders who DISOBEY THE ROAD CODE OR RIDE RECKLESSLY. First offence, the rider will be disqualified from the race. Repeat offenders will be asked to find another race series to participate in.

  • The COURSE is a simple out and back dog leg course. STICK TO THE COURSE at all times. All key intersections and turns are marshalled. Please be COURTEOUS AND RESPECTFUL TO ALL MARSHALS.
  • In the event of an ACCIDENT. Please stop to check on affected riders. Call emergency services (Dial 111) and provide first aid if necessary. Get a message to the nearest marshal, who will contact the event organisers. 

  • Prize giving is held at the Bridge after the last grade in the main race has finished. 


‘No drop’ Grade Rules

All the above rules apply however this grade is for those new to cycle racing. Details:


  • The first 30k are ridden in a group, no more than 2 abreast.
  • From Springston township on the return leg; racing begins! This means there is no obligation to stay in the group of cyclists.


Development Grade Rules


  • This grade is for those new to cycling who want to compete over a shorter distance of 15k and under 15s.
  • Race Entry: $10. 

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.